Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is Pacquiao Scared or What's the Deal?

After putting it out to the media that the so called "Fight of a Liftime" a rumor emerged to fans of boxing. It is alleged that people in the Pacquiao camp had e-mailed the Mayweather camp and asked what would the consequences be if Pacquiao tested out positive in a testing for illegal substances. Not only that but making the whole situation even sketchier a second email was sent stating that if Manny Pacquiao tested positive, if it could be kept confidential for the "benefit" of boxing. Well what do you guys think? If Manny has nothing to hide why miss out in such a pricey fight which would bring an estimated income of 30 million dollars to his pocket...Hm what do you guys think? Here's a video where the information was put out by Teddy Atlas, a very prestigious boxing analyst.

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